My name is Or Yochanan.

I am a Computer Engineer, Real Estate Investor, and an entrepreneur who has spearheaded financial education initiatives including 150 Paychecks and Relocation Information. As a licensed real estate agent, I primarily focus on the Greater-Austin area.

Using a data driven approach, I am able to utilize my unique skill set and educational abilities in order to help other real estate purchasers maximize their potential – both on primary residence and investment properties.

I became motivated to share my knowledge out of a desire to help others avoid common pitfalls and to create a platform which will allow people who are considering buying a house in the Austin area to make informed, safe decisions. As an engineer, I use my analytical expertise to share real life, raw data that helps potential buyers truly understand the market and overcome their ‘analysis paralysis’.

When I first moved to Austin and began investing in real estate, every professional I spoke to attempted to push this notion that it was all ‘rainbows and unicorns’. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

This is not to say that Austin’s market is not a lucrative field. I’ve lived here for more than 5 years and invested extensively in the area and have seen great performance. The city is booming and offers great opportunities.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect strategy. Risks, avoidable mistakes, and potential pitfalls exist and those who are not savvy to real estate can easily overlook major issues and fall prey to a bad deal.

A common occurrence with professionals in the industry is that they act like car salesmen. They focus only on the positives and will try to sell you on any property they can. Many realtors also do not understand the needs of the client.

I’ve chosen to take a different approach. I am data-driven, analysis-focused, and risk-averse. I believe in presenting my audience with a full picture instead of a conveniently warped version of the truth.

An agent of trust, I focus on generating value, developing strong relationships, and optimizing everything I touch. Combining these principles, you will find the core of The Investory:


Focus on the person, not just the purchase.

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