Austin Food Guide

Our favorite spots in town.

Austin has blown up in recent years, and so has its restaurant scene. The rapid expansion means that nearly any cuisine can be found- but not all restaurants are created equal. Here are some top spots to try out that will be guaranteed hits. 

BBQ: Terry Black’s

Texas is known for mouthwatering barbeque, and Austin offers some of the best in the state. Franklin’s is often heralded as the best, but the several hours long wait times for food make it a hard sell. This is hearsay to many, but it’s just not worth it considering the quality offered at other places. 

Opt out of the wait times and try Terry Black’s. They are run by 4th generation pitmasters and offer some of the best and most flavorful barbeque in the state. 

While you’re there, try their peach cobbler or banana puddings for an amazing dessert. 

Pizza: Via 313

Via offers genuine Detroit-style pizza across their several locations (including two trailers) throughout Austin. 

Their dough is baked fresh daily and most of their ingredients are sourced from local farmers and butchers, guaranteeing you high quality food. 

If you’re stumped on what to order, I’d recommend the Detroiter or the Cadillac. Their sauce and crust alone make it well worth the visit. 

Burger: Moonies Burger House

Moonies is exclusive to north Austin and has been voted the best burger in the area for 12 years straight. 

They stand out for their delicious ‘Sweet Hawaiian Buns’ and for their wide and unique variety of burger options. 

Play it safe with a classic burger or go for a Bunh Me, Farmer Val, or others for a more exciting choice. Be sure to pick up some sweet potato fries as well!

Breakfast: Magnolia Cafe

Magnolia Cafe has been around since 1979 and remains as one of the most loved spots in Austin. While they were forced to shut down their original location due to COVID-19, their Congress location remains alive and well. 

Find a variety of Tex-Mex breakfast or brunch favorites as well as traditional options including pancakes, omelets, and sandwiches. 

Magnolia has a great lunch and dinner menu as well, but their breakfast is what made them iconic amongst Austin diners. 

Dessert: Gourdoughs

Gourdoughs offers a wide array of enormous dessert doughnuts. Pick up a ‘Fat Elvis’ topped with peanut butter, grilled bananas, bacon, and honey, or go for the ‘Squealing Pig’ with cream cheese, bacon, strawberry jalapeno jelly, and candied jalapenos. 

If you’re not in the mood for dessert, stop by their brick-and-mortar location for a donut sandwich or a donut salad. 

All of their offerings are sure to be a hit (but may also put you in a diabetic coma).