Investment Project

Seguin 80- Land Development

  • Land development in Seguin, TX, which means that we're responsible for the development of the land before exiting, basically selling the land to a builder who's going to build 315 houses on said land.
    We are the investors in this project, but the developer we partnered with (Red Oak) is responsible for the entire project. 
  • The city already approved the zoning and annexation, which means that they approved the repurposing of the land to a residential area. 
  • The city of Seguin closed a contract with a water company and they will supply water to the residences being built, we are now just waiting for the actual date to be connected to the city's water system. 
  • There's a farmhouse on the land, which the developer bought alongside the land itself. We, as the investor group, will own 22.3% of the land as a security.
  • Schools can be found 5 min driving from the site.
  • The project is expected to take between 2-3 years.
  • The investors' returns per the contract:
    • Investment amount of $100K or more should yield an *1X% annual preferred return
      Investment amount of less than $100K should yield a *1X% annual preferred return
    • "Preferred return" means that once the project is completed, we repay all debts, then the investors (You) get their money, and only then, the developer takes whatever is left.
*Reach out to us for the exact numbers.