“We initially heard a lecture Or provided online about real-estate investments and decided to explore this opportunity. Our first engagement with Or was for a consultation about our finances to understand if investment in Austin TX makes sense given the resources we had. Once we decided to move forward, Or conducted an informational session about the Austin market, what types of areas he invests in, and the potential cash gain/appreciation of the assets. 

We decided to visit Austin and Round Rock to better understand the area and make a decision about the profile of investment. When we arrived in Austin, Or gave us a guided tour around the different neighborhoods as well as showed us a few properties (some that he closed for others and some that were in the market for a potential investment).

After our visit, Or started to send properties he believed made sense for our investment profile along with an investment analysis. It took us about 3 weeks to lock-down a house. Or advised us how much to offer, recommended an inspector, helped to negotiate a discount after the inspection, advised us with any question we had along the way until closing, and managed the renovation of the house. We also hired Or to find tenants. He was able to close tenants within 6 (!) days during December.

Overall we were very happy with the service Or provided. This is the first ever time we purchased a property so had a lot of questions about the process. Or was always available and consulted on any matter. Since we do not live in Austin (lived in Seattle when we made the purchase and now in Israel) it was very important to us to make this investment with someone we can trust and that knows the area well. Or is definitely living up to these standards. He is hardworking, smart, and transparent. We keep asking him how he can do such a good job alongside a full-time day job.”

M. & D.

Sr. Project Manager and Public Official

“If you want to go surfing – go to the beach, but if you are interested in Real Estate – Or is your person.
Whether you are a seasoned investor or a total newbie Or will adjust according to your knowledge and the help you need – something quite rare these days.

Or is very pleasant to work with, takes care of everything and always has great advice and is very patient. Unlike other people that try to make you dependent on them Or will be happy to give you the tools to make you successful.

Highly recommended!”

D. C.

“We first worked with Or when we decided to buy an investment property, and after the first one we knew we wanted to continue using his services for our second. We had no idea where to start, what to look for, what we should and shouldn’t do. And this is where Or steps in.

Or was able to secure two amazing deals for us, in a real estate market where properties are being closed within a day with 20%+ over asking. We were able to buy our first property in a ridiculous price with no other offers (what one would call a “unicorn”), whereas our second property was extremely popular, with dozens of offers (more than 80 showings and 35 offers, in a single weekend) and our offer was accepted even though it wasn’t the highest. This just goes to show how persuasive and persistent Or is.

We have no doubt that the service we received from Or was worth every penny. He performed the initial screening of properties, which saved us a lot of time, explained everything over the phone, again and again with a lot of patience. His outputs were precise and to the point. He didn’t waste us any time. He even went to look at properties for us.

We are very pleased with the properties we purchased with Or. We feel that we made the right decisions and also learned a lot in the process. We highly recommend Or as a consultant and a real estate agent who is reliable, brilliant and hard working.”


If you need an agent that will listen to your needs, who will advise, calculate, analyze, and negotiate for you, Or is it, hands down. Above all expectations. Our purchase experience was exceptionally good- Or just gets it. Numbers, strategy and tactics, always replies, calls back, and keeps an open channel of communication. We really liked Or 🙂

C. E.

Senior Customers Engineer

We relocated to the US 6 years ago, bought our home here 4 years ago, and have been watching the real estate space from the sidelines for a while.

It always seemed like something we should get into but we had key concerns over the process (how does it even work?), the area and the property (where should we invest?), and what happens after we buy it (how do we renovate? how do we find tenants? fix things?..).

Over the years we’ve talked to a few professionals in the space but didn’t feel that they understand our concerns and can help with what we need.I should say that we are extremely busy with our full time jobs + 3 kids.

Or and Gal were able to step in and build that trust with us, address the concerns, and with a lot of patience and understanding explain the steps, the options, the considerations, and then all over again after a couple of weeks since we forgot…

In the process we’ve learned a lot, and still are learning every week. Or’s tips and connections got us through the financing, insurance, inspection, appraisal, negotiation nuances, and much more.

Gal chimed in on the renovation and overall design side with killer tips and great approach.

We went in thinking about acquiring a single property for investment to see how it goes and just rent it out, so far we’ve submitted offers for over 50 properties, bought a couple, and Or was even able to get tenants to one of them (over market price!) before we even got the keys!

This journey is not right for everyone, and there are many different ways to invest in real estate, but if you’re considering this space I would highly recommend having a chat with Or.

R. L.

I. T. Executive

Concierge service, providing an end to end acquisition solution. Not letting the ball drop among the professionals involved and orchestrating the communication among them while avoid the me the buyer being in the middle when not necessary. Of course professional walk though of the process and selection of the investment property was exceptional. The trust Or managed to build is key for a remote investor like me. Honestly, you are super for the services provided.

L. Y.

Tech lead

The experience for me was a combination of the system you provide and the people in the team. I feel that the entire process was well managed, you’ve provided a service that includes all aspects from understanding the market, finding the right property, and all the way to renting it out.

The value of the entire package was very meaningful to me, and each step in the process was well executed.

U. C.

General manager

very good service during purchase and tenant placement, and support for adhoc requests and questions afterwards.
From locating deals,  through supporting and advice on specific deals, inspection and price negotiation, and even being able to own and handle renovation, finding tenants quickly and vetting them.
Always supportive with questions and requests.
The team is great and I always enjoy working together. I highly recommend you to many of my friends.

R. S.

Tech lead

Love the full service aspect of the business. As a first time investor that is not available to travel, I need a team that is competent and trustworthy. So happy that I found this group!


The entire experience from engagement to tenant lease was such a pleasure. Or has a great team of professionals. You have covered all angles - People, Process and Technology. You all make it a great experience for the client. 
Searching and renovation process were two great aspects for sure. On searching - you had the data on value, projected costs etc. On Renovation - you had a clear assessment from the property inspection report, cost to renovation, and priority.
This is the best experience I have ever had in buying something this big. Intro-to-leased property in 3 months. Unbelievable. You have assembled the best team thru the entire pipeline.

R. R.


Every bit of it were taken care of by the team. Even where we had a different idea, the team very respectfully put forth their recommendations without demeaning ours!

Prompt responses, super organized, respectful, easy to talk to and work with - this would be my definition of the team lead by Or, and I cherish that.


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