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Doron & Shelly Nir lived in California and decided to move to Austin using The Investory’s service in Mid-2021.
The search for a house in Austin took about a month, and at the end of June 2021, they executed the contract for the house in which they live today.

Later on, they decided to invest in Austin. In the course of 6 months, they have purchased nine (9) properties in north Austin using The Investory.
The Nirs are the type of clients who worked with us for a long time. Their evolution as investors was aligned with our improvement as a company. In this conversation, we’ll learn about their experience with us.

How did you hear about us?

Needing for a change in our environment due to the pandemic, we were already in the process of moving to San Diego. During a casual conversation with dear friends who decided to move to Austin, we heard about the benefits they found in Austin. Among those benefits were the beautiful green landscape and reduced cost of living, leading us to change directions and start looking for a realtor in Austin. 

We had some options for realtors in the Austin area, but a recommendation from another friend (Wizman) about Or Yochanan, and after a conversation with Or, had led us to decide to progress with Or in this journey of finding our first owned home. Looking back on it, Or had gained our trust very quickly, and rightfully so!

What made you decide to work with us?

Or was very persistent in REALLY understanding our needs and desires for a home when we didn’t fully know what that looked like. He insisted we get to Austin, even if for a very short visit, and planned, to a tee, a packed two days filled with showings of different kind of properties (around 10 houses), until we had a better understanding of what we were looking for.

The experience of this short trip was like nothing we had ever experienced before! The service level and professionalism we got from Or was so remarkable, making us understand that we were in the right hands and left us confident in the process.

A few months after moving to Austin, it was a no-brainer decision for us to start investing in properties as well, with the full support of Or and his outstanding Investory team.

What did you like most about the process?

For our home: We didn’t find our house during the initial visit and were ready to move to a rental and continue the search from Austin. While packing for the move, Or found a house that seemed like a good match. Alongside the fantastic Gal (his business partner, the Investory’s designer, and wife 🙂 ), they went to show us (video chat) the house, walking us through all the details, upsides and disadvantages, and ideas to overcome them.
We decided to put an offer, and shortly after the offer was accepted! We arrived in Austin during the ‘option-time’ and decided to move forward with the purchase of the house 🙂

The combination of Or and Gal and what each of them brings to the table is rare. They compliment each other’s expertise, which allowed us to make this decision with complete confidence.

Or linked us to a lender and advised on the financial side, which was critical for us. Each step he was there to guide and explain showed, all the way to the closing, and to this day with any question or concern.

For our investments: It’s a very user-friendly process. You learn to trust the formulated-automated side of the process, coupled with the well-experienced judgment of the team. I love how when there’s a valid opportunity, we get a comprehensive walk-through of the logic behind buying the property, understanding how it will perform, making sure the numbers align and make for a good investment, and on the flip side, not wasting time on irrelevant properties.

Once an offer is accepted, you get complete support services for every step, from scheduling the inspection, all the way to finding the right tenants, to full care-fee concierge service if you wish.

What is a memorable experience from the process (good/bad)?

When there was a tornado alert in our area, and while we were still trying to figure out what we needed to do, you guys have already reached out to all of our tenants to make sure they stayed safe and to make sure no damage was caused to the houses and insure they have where to turn to. The team did this even though we are not even a part of the maintenance program the Investory offers.

Would you recommend working with us? If so, why?

We are constantly recommending you guys!
The Inventory is a whole ecosystem. The different vendors who are carefully chosen, the leasing team, and the adaptation and improvements are next level. For example, the Tax Protests going out right now that you so quickly organized as a new service for your clients is very helpful and impressive.
We feel like it’s not only buying a house – it is a long-term partnership.

What do you think people should know about us that isn’t published well by now?

People should know more about your primary residence realtor service. The investment part is essential, and the Investory is hands-down the best in the market.
Choosing your homestead is critical . If Austin is where you decided to live, Or and the Investory should be your number one choice. Your interest will be above everything, zero BS salesmanship.

In your opinion – What makes us different from others?

We didn’t have much experience with other realtors, but now the benchmark is way up high. I believe that honesty and professionalism at this level are hard to come by. Never have we experienced this level of service that you provide in any other areas of life.

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