What We Offer

What We Offer

The Investory is a real estate wealth management firm that specializes in the use of data and analytics to identify great opportunities on behalf of our clients.  As part of this service, we identify worthy houses, including off-market via our wide connections, and suggest  an offer approach to make sure our clients spend their funds wisely.

On our process for investors:

We create financial analytics of the market based on the clients’ parameters to pursue the best opportunities available.  We have developed a proprietary operational algorithm for engaging with the entire market in real time to optimize deal development and selection. 

We then execute the opportunities and provide full support, including guidance on inspections, protest negotiations, property closing, managing and executing renovations, listing and tenant placement, and implementing maintenance management.  Our model is such that we are flexible to our clients’ needs, allowing them to select what parts they wish to manage or alternatively, opt to take advantage of our full suite of services.  We provide additional value to our clients by owning the entire ecosystem.  We cut out the middlemen by having in-house operations to support these “after-closing” services and provide them at-cost.   

For our investors, the Investory is a full service operation that supports first time real estate investment clients who want coaching and involvement in the process, to clients who want to be hands-off and let the Investory manage it end to end. 

On our process for primary residence clients:

We review the greater-Austin area with our clients, utilizing parameters based on the clients’ lifestyle, their budget, and must-have features.  We move beyond asking how many beds and baths, but understand how the clients live their lives to focus the search on properties that are truly relevant.  We also connect our clients to lenders who can pre-approve with the best terms, and commence the search while having those important factors in hand.

We then tour the Austin area to ensure our clients know and love the area, and facilitate their visit by providing clients access to one of our short-term properties. During that visit, we will review and visit different neighborhoods, determine which best suits their needs, and fine tune the initial search criteria.  Our access to off market properties gives our clients a wider range of options to consider.  The goal is to identify a few properties that appeal to the clients.

During the offer process, we focus on submitting multiple offers to ensure the best deal and increase likely success in a competitive market.  We believe that dream homes are to be found in many price ranges, and finding the right house involves both the heart and the wallet.

Through the inspection, closing, and renovation if required, our team still supports the clients’ needs continuing to be a reliable resource even after move-in. 

And generally,

Our secret sauce is that we are data-driven, analysis-focused, and risk-averse.  We work at scale.  In less than a year, our operation became the number one buyers’ agent in Austin per public records (ABOR MLS), which gives us access to off-market opportunities most agents aren’t privy to. We present the full picture of an investment to our clients, and show them the same data we use to draw our conclusions.  Transparency is one of the most important tenets of the Investory; we’re not looking to push clients into purchasing “something”, but instead are building valuable relationships where our clients can rely on us as trusted advisors and partners.

At the Investory, we focus on generating value, developing strong relationships, and optimizing everything we touch.  When we combine these principles, the core of the business is that we focus on the person, not just the purchase.

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