Winter is coming

A must-do checklist, when it's getting chilly

Imagine it’s peak winter, the temperature is below 32f and will get even colder in the upcoming days. Texas in general and Austin in particular is not built to deal with these temperatures, and as property owners it’s important that we take care of protecting the people at our homes (from inconvenience), and of course the property itself.

Actions that we recommend doing immediately in the property:

Inhabited property

1. Open the outside faucets and let them drip, it is indeed a waste of water: But a bursted pipe will waste much more water…! Leave the faucet in a slow leaking state.
2. Wrap the tap in an isolated covet.
3. Investment property? Send a message to the tenants immediately, keep the instructions simple and clear. Don’t confuse them, here’s an example:

I’m hoping that you’re staying warm and safe!
BE ADVISED: Due to the extreme cold weather, we’d like to avoid from having the pipes burst. Please be sure to turn on the external faucets so they’re constantly leaking, and cover them with thermal isolation material.
Please confirm that you’ve received this message and took the recommended precautions, thanks and stay safe!

4. Homestead? Read the following section also please (I recommend preparing for the possibility of cutting the central water line into your house).

Uninhabited property

1. It is recommended to cut the central water line for the property. You can buy from Home Depot a plumbing tool with which you can close the water line, photo for illustration attached.

2. After the water has been shut off – empty the taps.

In general

1. Stay indoors!
2. If you leave the house, travel with EXTRA caution. Icing is the most dangerous state for a given road, and it’s usually hard to be seen.
3. If possible – put your vehicles in the garage. If not possible, leave the vehicles away from trees, which may collapse due to the weight of the ice on the branches.
4. If you use your car – start it before you drive, and let it get to a normal working temperature. Put hot air conditioning on the windshield, and remove the ice outside MANUALLY – avoid using wipers for ice removal (may tear them down).

Do you have any other useful tips? Please share it with us!

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